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The Option Advisor has been one of the nation's leading options newsletters for over 35 years. Since 1981, investors have turned to Bernie Schaeffer's The Option Advisor for timely market commentary, trading strategies, investing advice, as well as ten hot, hand-picked trades every month, complete with the thorough analysis and trader commentary that has made Schaeffer's one of the premier options trading authorities. With each issue, you'll receive…
Option Advisor
  • Current market commentary -- The Option Advisor provides timely, thorough, and expert insight into the current market conditions, and how options players can use the climate to their advantage.

  • Options trading strategies -- Deepen your options knowledge and take your trading to the next level with thorough strategy explanations and how-to's.

  • 10 hot trade recommendations -- Target 100% or better gains with trades picked by Bernie and his team of expert traders.

With The Option Advisor, traders truly learn from the best. The Option Advisor can help new traders learn the ropes, or help seasoned investors brush up on the basics and arm themselves with advanced trading strategies and the latest market commentary. Of course, options players of all levels can enjoy the ten monthly trade recommendations, handpicked by Bernie Schaeffer and his team of traders, as the perfect complement to any portfolio. Take your options trading to the next level, and see why The Option Advisor has been leading the way for more than 35 years.

Schaeffers Research Investment Options

I'm back into [trading options] for retirement income and have had a couple very good suggestions from the bulletin. My first one, a couple months ago, hit for a 106% gain in a week, and then in the first week of April 2017, I bought some call options on AKS … and sold on Fri. at 1.06 for a 44% gain in 2 days. Time to start paying attention better...thanks for the service!

-Jesse, 2017


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See why Schaeffer's has been leading the way for over 35 years… absolutely risk-free! We promise we won't even ask for your card info. Get a taste of why options traders have been turning to The Option Advisor since 1981, for up-to-date market commentary; trading tips, tricks, and techniques; and ten hot trades with every issue! If you don't love your subscription, you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. More questions? Just give us a call! Our Account Executives will be more than happy to answer any and all inquiries you may have.

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Bernie Schaeffer has been one of the leading names in options trading for over three decades, and Schaeffer's has been regularly featured on major news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, USA Today, Reuters, CNBC, Fox News and more.

When you work with Schaeffer's, it's like having your own personal team of traders combing the market for the best trades for YOU. You'll receive thorough trader commentary trade drivers, and clear entry and exit parameters for each trade, and gain further insight about how you can make the most of your portfolio.

Experience why Schaeffer's has been leading the way in options trading for over 35 years.

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Besides handpicked hot trades and thorough trader commentary, Schaeffer's subscribers receive exclusive access to even more member perks! When you become a Schaeffer's subscriber, you'll receive:

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Once you subscribe to any of our services, you may login with the username and password provided in an email following your purchase. Because we are committed to giving you the best opportunity to profit, we only recommend trades when the circumstances based on the strategy have manifested, so you may not immediately see a new recommendation right away. Our programs are designed to work with the market in its current condition, selecting trades when there is a value opportunity and not by a date on a calendar. This means in some cases, a recommendation may come in "clusters" or there may be a short gap in time before a recommendation becomes available. Since there are many opportunities in options investing, we guarantee that the number of trades associated with your subscription, will be fulfilled.

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