Aggressive Services

Weekly Options Trader

Weekly options are one of the most exciting new development in options trading in decades. With weekly options, every week is expiration week. Every weekly option expires just 7 trading days after it becomes available.
  • Straight weekly option calls and puts
  • Weekly options that expire in just 7 trading days
  • Target up to 100% potential gains per trade
$195 per month

Overnight Trader

It's time to make target quick profits with Schaeffer's Overnight Trader. Protect your capital with short-term trades and prime your portfolio for potential 100% GAINS!
  • Perfect for traders who want to protect their capital
  • Target faster term trades of up to 100%
  • Every trade is opened and closed within one to seven days
$195 per month

Event Trader

Key events like earnings announcements, management shake-ups, and upgrades/downgrades can create big stock moves. Trade options on these events and target huge gains.
  • For aggressive traders only
  • Short-term event-based trades
  • Target 100% or more potential gains per trade



$195 per month

Players Trader

Ready to swing for the fences and target home run profits? Add short-term options to your portfolio and target mega-gains in 30 days or less. 

  • For aggressive traders only
  • Extremely short-term options
  • Target potential gains of 200% or more per trade

$195 per month

Moderate Services

Volatility Trader

Profit from a big move in the underlying stock, in EITHER direction with the use of "straddles."  This strategy is structured to help profit from the unexpected big market moves and volatility explosions that devastate most options traders.
  • Profit from big market moves using Straddles
  • Simple to understand and easy to execute
  • Profit potential is theoretically unlimited
$295 per month

Weekly Volatility Trader

Target triple-digit winners in just 7 days or less while still managing your directional risk.
  • Profit from big market moves by combining straddles and weekly options
  • Simple to understand and easy to execute
  • Profit in all market environments and trade more often

$295 per month

Options Under $5

Trade options priced at $5 or lower - you can position yourself to turn any modest DOUBLE-DIGIT bounce in the coming weeks and months into potential big winners.
  • Trade for less than $500 a contract
  • Stock DOUBLES and option SOARS!
  • Target stocks poised for potential gains of up to 100% per trade
$99 per month


Leverage your portfolio with more conservative in-the-money options for potential gains of 100%! Perfect for the short-term stock trader ready to try options trading.
  • Trade in-the-money options
  • Short holding periods
  • Target potential gains of 100% per trade


$195 per month

Hedge Hunter

Profit from the classic "pairs trading" strategy used by hedge fund professionals - without investing in a hedge fund! Plays calls and puts on two equities in same sector. You can win 3 ways!
  • Three ways to win on each trade
  • Profit from sector volatility
  • Hedge against downside risk


$295 per month

Power Trend

Discover why bigger returns are possible with options from momentum-based stocks.  This strategy can potentially generate HUGE gains in a matter of just a few weeks. Some gains pile up in mere days. 
  • Use momentum to target big gains
  • Get an Avg of 4 trades per month
  • Target up to +150% potential profits

$195 per month

Conservative Services

Schaeffer's Champion Exclusive

Combines two option strategies -- equity credit spreads and put sells -- into one service. Both strategies are designed to profit from time decay. 
  • Out-of-the-money credit spread and put sell recommendations
  • Recommendations target profits of 10% to 20%, depending on the strategy utilized
  • Holding periods will typically range from 2-8 weeks
$149 Per Month

Schaeffer's Wealth Builder

79% win rate since inception in 1993!  Aim for consistent gains with credit spreads. The ideal way to diversify your portfolio.
  • 79% win rate since 1993
  • Recommends index credit spreads
  • Aim for 12% to 18% gains per trade

$99 per month

Diversified Services

Champion Trader

Diversify your portfolio with five proven strategies. Combine index credit spreads/iron condors, equity credit spreads, put sells, pairs trades, and straddles to target consistent wins with reduced risk.

  • 5 strategies in 1 service
  • Get a minimum of 10 recommendations per month
  • Target consistent wins with less risk
$595 per month

Elite Trader

Diversify your portfolio and attack from multiple option-buying angles. If you are practicing just one strategy, you are not doing enough. Tackle the market from multiple angles with confidence and security!

  • Multiple option-buying strategies in one service
  • Receive 25 to 30 trades a month
  • Target 100%-300% gains
$795 per month

Lightning Trader

Lightning Trader combines five of our "fast turnaround" options trading services into one fantastic product... for one amazing price.

  • Features a combination of 5 options trading services
  • Designed to deliver profits from as little as 8 trading hours to 30 days or less
  • Offers opportunity to reinvest profits often

$795 per month

Super Trader

Get the utmost flexibility, diversification and balance by receiving every alert service and calendar-based trade we release. From conservative high win-rate trades to highly aggressive big gain trades.
  • Receive every alert service and calendar-based trade we release
  • Features at least 60 profit opportunities each month
  • Target gains of up to 300%
$1,495 per month

Option Advisor

Bernie Schaeffer’s flagship publication since 1981. The nation’s leading options newsletter delivers cutting edge market commentary and 10 new trades in each issue.
    • 10 new option trades every month
    • Top Gun Trading Course – FREE
    • Sentiment Trading Tools
$59 per month

Weekend Trader Alert

Spending 7 minutes each Sunday could help you target potential +100% gains!  Weekly trades includes target objective and time stop.  This could be the most profitable 7 minutes of your week.
  • Weekly trades at 7 pm ET on Sunday
  • Straight purchases of calls and puts
  • Target gains of 100% to 150% per trade


$149 per month

Weekend Player

Weekend Player allows you to target huge winners effortlessly by combining the best attributes from two of our most popular services, so you get the ease of our Weekend Trader Series and the big profit potential of our Player Series.
  • Weekly trades at 7 pm ET every Sunday
  • Straight purchases of calls and puts
  • Target gains of up to 200% per trade
  • Chart of the Week - created by Bernie Schaeffer

$149 per month

Schaeffer's Daily Bulletin

Get the most important market-moving news each morning before the opening bell rings. Each issue is released before the bell each day and includes:

  • "Featured Stock" with in-depth analysis
  • Daily market commentary
  • Daily Bull/Bear list of stock ideas


$59 per month

Options Apprentice

Weekly webinar that delivers you a new option recommendation that targets triple-digit returns each Thursday at 4 pm ET. We'll walk you through the trade with a full-blown analysis of the current market conditions and the detailed reasoning of why we think the stock has big hit potential.

  • Weekly trade and webinar at 4 pm ET every Thursday
  • Straight purchases of calls and puts
  • Target gains of 100% per trade
$149 per month

Getting Started with Options

Bernie Schaeffer's online home study course teaches you everything you need to take advantage of options and aim for potentially life-changing winners. Through this interactive course, you'll learn about option basics strategies, how to enter and exit trades, moves to avoid and more. The program is divided into manageable sections that you can access whenever it's most convenient for you.

  • An overview of option basics - including the history of puts and calls, and a plain-English breakdown of the Black-Scholes pricing model.
  • The mechanics of entering and exiting an options trade - including in-depth explanations of buying and selling strategies.
  • Money-management guidelines - maximize your options profits with my easy-to follow tips.
  • A step-by-step review of our Expectational Analysis® methodology -- a proprietary combination of fundamental, technical, and sentiment indicators.
  • Case studies based on actual trades - real-world examples show Expectational Analysis principles in action.
  • A complete glossary and list of online resources - further expand your options-trading horizons.
  • Quizzes at the end of each lesson - double check your knowledge with 180 interactive questions.
Get Started

Schaeffer's Options Academy: Straddles

The Schaeffer’s Options Academy series of e-learning courses provides an in-depth education on the techniques and concepts you need to excel at options trading.

Schaeffer’s Options Academy: Straddles focuses on a strategy that's designed to take advantage of market volatility, and allows you to profit from either bullish or bearish moves in the underlying security.


The Schaeffer’s Options Academy: Straddles e-learning course includes:

  • A simple explanation of the "straddle" strategy
  • Crucial information about how implied volatility impacts options
  • Tips on picking the right strike price and expiration date for your own straddle
  • Basic and advanced trade management guidelines
  • 5 videos detailing must-know technical patterns
  • Quizzes to check your knowledge
  • And much more, including the common pitfalls you must avoid

Learn More