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Weekend Plus 
✔ 3-6 Recommendations Every Sunday, by 7 P.M.
✔ Priced Between $3 and $20
✔ Target and Time-Stop Parameters on Every Trade
✔ Holding Periods From One to Six Month

Triple Your Sunday Evening Profit Potential!

This is your chance to triple your profit potential on Sunday evenings, without spending all your free time watching the market.

On Sunday as a Weekend Plus subscriber you’ll get an average of 3 trades, each targeting gains of 100% to 200% or more and today you have the opportunity to try Weekend Plus for the next 30 days for just $20!

With Weekend Plus you can target gains like the ones our subscribers have seen recently, including:

  • 100% GAINS on Pintrest calls
  • 100% GAINS on Danaher calls
  • 186% GAINS on eBay calls
  • 100% GAINS on Square calls
  • 251% GAINS on Wayfair calls
  • 100% GAINS on Zscaler calls
  • 107% GAINS on Exelon puts
  • 101% GAINS on Cloroxcalls

And that's just to name a few! 

So What Will You Receive?


You'll receive 3 trade recommendations in your inbox at 7 PM EST every Sunday evening. All you have to do is send them to your broker or set them up online.


  • Each trade is a simple call or put
  • Optimal entry zone is provided for each trade to ensure the best buying parameters
  • Money-doubling or money-tripling profit targets will explicity accompany each trade recommendations
  • Average holding periods of just 30-90 days
  • Each recommendation comes with trader analysis and exclusive insight into the drivers behind each trade
  • Members receive a money management subscriber handbook to help you enter the world of options, with precise trading instructions, including entering and exiting a trade.
Join Today and Receive 30 Days for Just $20!

While it would normally cost $447 per month to access Weekend Plus, as part of this special offer, you'll gain 30 days of access to Weekend Plus for just $20! 

That's over $400 savings for your first month! That's an avergae of 12 trades in the next 30 days all for $20. 


30 day subscription: $20*

Subscriber Reviews

“You can follow Bernie's Recommendations, but better still, you can learn the ins and outs, follow his thinking through the fundamentals he provides to back-up his picks, and take that to another level with your own ideas and strategies.”

- Douglas M.

About Bernie Schaeffer

Chairman and CEO of Schaeffer’s
Investment Research, Inc.

  • Senior Editor of the Option Advisor newsletter since 1981
  • Recipient of the Trader's Library "Trader's Hall of Fame" award
  • Timer Digest consistently ranks Bernie's market timing among the top 10 out of more than 100 analysts
  • Three-time winner of The Wall Street Journal stock picking contest
  • Bernie often lends his expertise on CNBC and Fox News, and he is a regular guest on Nightly Business Report and Bloomberg Radio


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Weekend Plus - 30 day subscription
*In order to ensure uninterrupted service, your subscription will automatically renew at the discounted rate of just $195 per month. Just simply cancel any time before the next billing date if you wish to avoid the renewal charge.

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