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Premium Trader

Combines two option strategies - equity credit spreads and put sells - into one service. Both strategies are designed to profit from time decay, increasing your profit potential.

  • Features out-of-the-money credit spreads and put sell recommendations
  • Recommendations target profits of 10% to 20% depending on the strategy utilized
  • Holding periods will typically range from 2-8 weeks

Two Proven Strategies, One Profitable Service!

By combing the use of two proven option strategies - equity credit spreads and put sells - into one service, Premium Trader offers you the best way to profit from time decay in today's market.


What you get with your Premium Trader subscription:

  •  2-3 trades targeting gains of 10% to 20% or more each month: Our traders constantly search for new trades with profit potential. These recommendations are delivered to you during market hours as soon as they become available.
  • Short holding periods of 2-8 weeks: Take your gains quickly and prepare for the next trade. Exposure to the market is limited.
  • Detailed analysis for each trade: See exactly why the trade was chosen and the projected forecast. Learn which indicators and chart patterns revealed the entry and exit. Use that knowledge to create similar trades.
  • Specific instructions on how to enter and exit every trade: Always know how to execute and exit trades. If option trading is new to you, you can give these directions directly to your broker who can place the orders for you. 
  • Free Premium Trader Handbook: Your resource for the service as well as specific money management techniques. Everything you need to do to manage and protect your trading capital.

Subscriber Reviews

Hi, just a note to thank you for a great expiration week!! JNPR the previous week was fantastic!! THANKS!! My account looks considerably better!!

- W. Edward-Jones, AB


Two strategies – more profit opportunities!

Premium Trader
 uses two different option trading strategies - credit spreads and put sells.

Credit spreads: This strategy of selling one option and buying one at a lower premium is known as a credit spread. A credit spread involves the simultaneous purchase and sale of puts (or calls) that expire at the same time but have different strike prices. Puts are used if you are bullish on the underlying stock or index, while calls are used for a bearish outlook. For out-of-the-money credit spreads, the strike price of the sold (or written) option is closer to the underlying's market price than the purchased option and therefore has a higher premium. This results in a net credit. The goal of a credit spread position is to retain this net credit by having both options in the spread expire worthless.

Put sells: Put selling is just the ticket for investors looking to generate income in their portfolio -- with the possibility of acquiring a quality stock at prices below current levels. As opposed to covered call writing, where the investor purchases the stock at current levels and writes an out-of-the-money call to generate income, put selling involves selling an out-of-the-money put on a quality stock that the investor would be willing to buy if the stock took a temporary plunge. However, most of the time, the sold put will expire worthless, allowing the investor to pocket the premium without ever having to buy the stock. While there is a margin requirement when selling puts, this commitment of funds is significantly less than the outright purchase of the equivalent number of shares.

We’re constantly analyzing the market, looking for the indicators and chart patterns that signal that it’s a good time to enter and exit trades using these strategies – then we'll email that information straight to you.

We give you everything you need. Simply set up the trade in your online trading account...or read it directly to your broker over the phone.

It's that EASY!  You don’t have to navigate the market alone. 

Become a Premium Trader Today!


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