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Lightning Trader

Lightning Trader combines five of our "fast turnaround" options trading services into one fantastic product... for one amazing price.

  • Features a combination of 5 options trading services
  • Designed to deliver profits from as little as 8 trading hours to 30 days or less
  • Offers opportunity to reinvest profits often

Target Lightning Fast Profits Today!

With our exclusive Lightning Trader service, you'll have the opportunity to capitalize on short-term options, allowing you to target lightning fast profits using 5 of our most popular services:

  • Schaeffer's Overnight Trader. This service takes advantage of hidden market movement that could help you double your money literally overnight - in as little as 8 trading hours.
  • Schaeffer's Weekly Options Trader. This service trades popular weekly options to target potential profits of 100% or higher in seven trading days or less.
  • Schaeffer's Event. This service takes advantage of key market events that lead to big moves – like earnings, Bernanke speeches or product news – to target +100% in potential gains, usually in 30 days or less.
  • Schaeffer's Players. Our most aggressive service, Players targets gains of 200% or more in as little as 30 days.
  • Schaeffer's Leverage Trader. This service recommends in-the-money options that can leverage up to 9 times the gains of a stock move... usually in 10-15 days.

Lightning Trader provides up to 20 trade recommendations per month. All of these products use strategies designed to get you in and out of the market – with 100% profits or more – fast.

Just look at what you get with your subscription to Lightning Trader:

  • Receive approximately 15-20 trades per month targeting 100% gains or more. Our team will be scouring the market looking for the best option trading opportunities to email you.
  • Short holding periods. You'll receive recommendations that will be closed out in anywhere from as little as 1 trading around 30 days. This can help make the best use of your trading capital, by getting your cash in and out of the market quickly.
  • You’ll receive an email containing both an easy-to-understand trade recommendation and a trade commentary link. Just click the commentary link for greater insight on why we think the recommendation is poised to deliver big gains. This link will give you immediate access to the trade commentary and graphs…and also technical, sentiment, and fundamental indicators and parameters. So, you’ll always have the information you need – showing you exactly why we expect the trade to deliver.
  • Receive closeout instructions. You’ll receive an email when we recommend closing out each position. So, you’re never left wondering what to do. You just sit back, place the trades, and wait for further instruction.
  • Your FREE online trading handbook. Complete with Money Management Guidelines – provides everything you need to successfully trade Lightning Trader!
  • Schaeffer’s “My Account” Command Center. Our online Command Center provides you with unmatched control over your own investing destiny, allowing you to track all of your trades easily online.

Uncovering Fast Profit Opportunities
Has Never Been Easier!

Subscriber Reviews

"Boy am I glad I found you guys. Your information is first rate and I am making money on your option recommendations. Please keep up the good work." 

- R. Gerber, CA

About Bernie Schaeffer

Chairman and CEO of Schaeffer’s
Investment Research, Inc.

  • Senior Editor of the Option Advisor newsletter since 1981
  • Recipient of the Trader's Library "Trader's Hall of Fame" award
  • Timer Digest consistently ranks Bernie's market timing among the top 10 out of more than 100 analysts
  • Three-time winner of The Wall Street Journal stock picking contest
  • Bernie often lends his expertise on CNBC and Fox News, and he is a regular guest on Nightly Business Report and Bloomberg Radio