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Schaeffer's Overnight Trader

It's time to target quick profits with Schaeffer's Overnight Trader. Protect your capital with short-term trades and prime your portfolio for potential 100% GAINS!

  • Perfect for traders who want to protect their capital
  • Target faster term trades of up to 100%
  • Holding periods ranging from as little as 8 trading hours to 1 week

Target Double or Even Triple-digit Winners Overnight!

Overnight Trader allows you to target profits overnight while taking the guesswork out of options trading.

With Overnight Trader, we’ll send you an average of 2-4 real-time recommendations each month, each targeting +100% profits. Each recommendation will have a holding period ranging from as little as 8 trading hours to 1 week depending on the opportunities for profit.

We'll also send you detailed research on every trade including easy-to-understand analysis and commentary, and close at least a partial position of every trade by the very next trading day.

With Overnight Trader you can take advantage of short-term trading, which limits your market exposure and lets you protect your capital by getting in and out of each trade fast, helping you target double or even triple-digit winners overnight.

What you get with your Overnight Trader subscription:

  • Potential double-your-money profits: Every single Overnight Trader option recommendation targets potential gains of up to 100% overnight.
  • Fast turnaround on all trades: As an Overnight Trader, your capital is only in the market for 8 trading hours to 1 week.
  • Simple Option Strategies: Each trade is a simple call or put purchase.  No margin requirements. Simple, straightforward option trading delivered to your inbox.
  • 2-4 chances to profit each month: You get an average of three recommendations every month.
  • Detailed research on every trade: For each new trade, we’ll shoot you an email containing a link to both an easy-to-understand trade recommendation and a trade commentary. Just click on the link for the specific option recommendation, as well as greater insight on why we think this recommendation is poised to deliver gains of up to 100%. This email link will give you immediate access to the trade details including the commentary and graphs... and also technical, sentiment, and fundamental indicators and parameters. So, you’ll always have the information you need – showing you exactly why we expect the trade to deliver.
  • Instructions on how to enter and exit every trade: You’ll receive closeout/follow-up instructions the same day or the following day. So, you’re never left wondering what to do. You just sit back, place the trades, and wait for further instruction.
  • Free Overnight Trader Handbook: Your resource for the service as well as specific money management techniques. Everything you need to do to manage and protect your trading capital.

Subscriber Reviews

“One word describes your option services. "WOW" I have tried many other services on a trial basis and have never had any luck. I use my own charting technique, but trade your options strike price and expiration date. Keep up the GREAT work.”

- T. Stout, PA

Count your profits while others watch the market waver

Part of the allure of options trading is the prospect of collecting large profits in a relatively short period of time. Just as the home run generates huge excitement in baseball, the thrill of profits of up to 100% attracts many traders to the options market. While these huge profits are not everyday occurrences, they are achievable in both bull and bear markets − and, for that matter, in choppy sideways markets.

While some traders might be spooked by wild volatility in the stock market, Overnight Trader seeks to benefit from drastic price changes. By purchasing a mix of calls and puts on individual stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), you’ll be positioned to capitalize on those big opening price gaps that have become a common occurrence on Wall Street.

Overnight Trader hones in on weekly and monthly options that are within seven days of expiration.  Holding periods are limited between 8 trading hours to 1 week. The half position or the entire position will be closed either the same day it was entered or by the next trading day at the latest. If only a partial position is closed, the remainder of the position may be held for up to 1 week for the chance to let profits run should the direction play out as expected over a longer period.

This short holding period effectively allows you to target huge gains fast!

Start capturing huge winners in
as little as 8 hours with Overnight Trader!


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