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With Wealthbuilder, you can diversify your portfolio and aim for consistent gains using credit spreads.

  • Focuses on credit spreads (including occasional iron condor spreads)
  • Simple to understand and easy to execute
  • Average return of 12%-18% with holding periods of 1-6 weeks

The Perfect Addition to Your Investing Strategy!

The conservative, consistent, cash-generating strategy used in Wealthbuilder is the perfect addition to your investing portfolio, and its history has proven what a valuable service it really is.

Investors who started with a $20,000 portfolio when the first recommendation in this service was issued in 1993 could now have a portfolio worth $144,710 if they followed our instructions.

That’s a whopping 623.55% return!

All you have to do is follow our easy-to-execute trading instructions.

Subscriber Reviews

Hi, just a note to thank you for a great expiration week!! JNPR the previous week was fantastic!! THANKS!! My account looks considerably better!!

- W. Edward-Jones, AB


How Wealthbuilder works:

The strategy is simple.  With credit spreads, you sell an out-of-the-money option and you buy an even further out-of-the-money option.

And because the option you are buying costs less than the option you are selling, you end up with a net credit in your account!

So, instead of having to pay money to place the trade, the trade pays you!

As long as both options are still out-of-the-money on Expiration Friday, you keep all the cash.  That’s right, you actually want both your options to expire worthless!

And because both of the options are worthless when they expire, you don’t have to pay a penny in commissions to close the trade.  You simply keep the cash and walk away!

With Wealthbuilder, we handle all the hard work for you! Bernie's award-winning methodology pinpoints which options are in position for profitable moves and we’ll send you a real-time alert when the time is right.

See what Wealthbuilder can do
for your portfolio today!


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