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Schaeffer's Ultimate Trader

This diverse subscription package provides you with trades from a dozen of our real-time options recommendation services. The pro-level diversity in strategies, strike prices, and expiration dates will ensure you're maximizing your profits, no matter what's happening in the market.

  • Average of 30-35 new option trade recommendations per month
  • Straight call & put plays to capitalize on trends and breakouts
  • Straddles and paired trades to win big in high-volatility markets
  • Credit spreads to generate income during quiet, range-bound climates

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The Ultimate in At-Home Options Trading

As an Ultimate Trader, you'll receive full access to 12 of Schaeffer's options trading recommendation services -- providing you with a remarkable depth and breadth of diversity in your options portfolio. If you're looking to make sure you're ready for whatever the market throws our way, this is the program you want working for you!

Ultimate Trader is the absolute best way to position yourself for profits whether the market goes up, down, or sideways. By combining a variety of different options strategies from no fewer than a dozen of our time-tested trade recommendation services, we provide a profit-primed mix of trades to subscribers who are ready to start hunting big gains.

What You Get With Your Ultimate Trader Subscription

As an Ultimate Trader, you'll have access to 12 of our real-time options trading alert subscription services, providing an average of 30-35 recommendations per month.

Each recommendation includes easy-to-understand trade instructions and a link to trade commentary, so you'll know exactly why each trade is primed for profits.

We'll also follow up with a real-time text or email -- your choice! -- when it's time to exit the trade, so you know exactly how to navigate each of our Ultimate Trader strategies.

Schaeffer's Ultimate Trader will give you the tools to exploit the profit opportunities in every market environment. Because you'll have access to all of our real-time alert programs, there should always be a strategy working well for whatever particular market environment we encounter... and that's how you keep your profits flowing.


Subscriber Reviews

“You can follow Bernie's Recommendations, but better still, you can learn the ins and outs, follow his thinking through the fundamentals he provides to back-up his picks, and take that to another level with your own ideas and strategies.”

- Douglas M.

About Bernie Schaeffer

Chairman and CEO of Schaeffer’s
Investment Research, Inc.

  • Senior Editor of the Option Advisor newsletter since 1981
  • Recipient of the Trader's Library "Trader's Hall of Fame" award
  • Timer Digest consistently ranks Bernie's market timing among the top 10 out of more than 100 analysts
  • Three-time winner of The Wall Street Journal stock picking contest
  • Bernie often lends his expertise on CNBC and Fox News, and he is a regular guest on Nightly Business Report and Bloomberg Radio