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Weekly Options Trader

Weekly Options are one of the most exciting new development in options trading in decades. With Weekly Options, every week is expiration week. Every weekly option expires just 7 trading days after it becomes available.

  • Straight weekly option calls and puts
  • Weekly options that expire in just 7 trading days
  • Some "rolling" weekly options that expire in 2-3 weeks or less in order to let profits run
  • Target up to 100% potential gains per trade

Target Bigger Profits in Shorter Time Periods Now!

Regardless of what the market does, you can still make money trading options. Weekly options allow you to target short-term moves in a stock without paying high time premiums.

You pay only for the time you need to capitalize on a short-term move! That means you can allocate your leftover trading capital to other trades.

And since these trades target such specific moves, you can limit your exposure in the market to just a few days at a time--a good thing in any market.

Since weekly options have a shorter time frame, you’ll also recognize your profits a lot sooner. That’s quicker money in your pocket! And who couldn’t use that? 
With our Weekly Options Trader, you could potentially double your money quickly.

What you get with your
Weekly Options Trader subscription:

  •  3-4 trades targeting gains of 100% or more each month: Our traders constantly search for new trades with big profit potential. These recommendations are delivered to you during market hours as soon as they become available.
  • Simple option strategies: Each trade is a simple call or put purchase.  No margin requirements. Simple, straightforward option trading delivered to your inbox.
  • Fast profits targeted to 100% gains in 7 trading days or less: Take your gains quickly and prepare for the next trade. Exposure to the market is limited.
  • Flexibility to let the winners run: Profitable trades don’t have to be cut short. If the option remains profitable, we send you specific directions on how to “roll it” into the next expiration week, or longer if needed.
  • Detailed analysis for each trade: See exactly why the trade was chosen and the projected forecast. Learn which indicators and chart patterns revealed the entry and exit. Use that knowledge to create similar trades.
  • Specific instructions on how to enter and exit every trade: Always know how to execute and exit trades. If option trading is new to you, you can give these directions directly to your broker who can place the orders for you. 
  • Free Weekly Options Trader Handbook: Your resource for the service as well as specific money management techniques. Everything you need to do to manage and protect your trading capital.

Subscriber Reviews

“One word describes your option services. "WOW" I have tried many other services on a trial basis and have never had any luck. I use my own charting technique, but trade your options strike price and expiration date. Keep up the GREAT work.”

- T. Stout, PA


Weekly options – Go after big winners in less time!

With your Weekly Options Trader subscription, you'll see how easy it is to trade weekly expiration options.  

Being successful in Weekly Options trading requires more research and analysis since your timing has to be just right – but there is no need for you to spend your invaluable spare time poring over numbers and charts – our experts are here to do the work for you!

We’re constantly analyzing the market, looking for the indicators and chart patterns that signal that it’s a good time to enter and exit trades – then we email that information straight to your inbox.

We give you everything you need. Simply set up the trade in your online trading account...or read it directly to your broker over the phone.

It's that EASY!  You don’t have to navigate the market alone. 

Become a Weekly Options Trader today!


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