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Option Advisor

Bernie Schaeffer’s flagship publication since 1981. The nation’s leading options newsletter delivers cutting edge market commentary and 10 new trades in each issue.
    • 10 new option trades every month
    • Top Gun Trading Course – FREE
    • Sentiment Trading Tools

Your Chance to Put Cash in Your Pocket and Insight at Your Fingertips

Get the information you need to trade smarter with Option Advisor, the nation’s leading options newsletter.

Whether it’s reading the insightful monthly market commentary to keep your finger on trends in the market, or digging into your 10 monthly trade recommendations, you will find great knowledge and value in the Option Advisor newsletter.

With the Option Advisor newsletter, your 10 monthly trades come complete with in-depth market analysis and commentary.

And you’ll not only get researched recommendations to help you trade smarter... but you'll also get the tools to do research on your own.

You'll stay up to date on every recommendation using our Sentiment Trading Tools.  These tools help you dig deeper into each recommendation, as well as aid you with researching your own ideas.

You can also review sentiment indicators, price charts, put/call ratios, historical volatility, short interest data, recent commentaries, and much, much more!

And you can look forward to extensive discussions on a specific trading tactic each month in “Option Strategies and Concepts.”

Plus as an added bonus, you’ll have immediate online access to the “Crash Course in Top Gun Trading Techniques.”

This 6-part program gives you the vital information you need to benefit from options trading and to get the most out of your Option Advisor subscription. 

Subscriber Reviews

“I am a subscriber to Option Advisor and an alert service - both have been outstanding. Keep up the good work and I'll keep counting the gains!”

- L. Hull, McMurray PA


What you get with your Option Advisor subscription:

  • 10 new option trades every month — each with charts and commentary that provide you with clear explanations and insight
  • A specific trading tactic each month in “Option Strategies and Concepts”
  • Sentiment Trading Tools
  • Crash Course in Top Gun Trading Techniques

The Option Advisor finds profit opportunities for you. If you currently trade stocks, you already know how to trade options (which are listed securities for which you place the same kind of buy and sell orders as you do for stocks). 

But even if you’re not a stock trader, you’ll find option trading easy. If you can read, you can trade. For each potential profit opportunity, the Option Advisor gives you word-for-word instructions that you can simply read to your broker. What could be easier than that?

Bernie has designed the newsletter as an ongoing educational vehicle, providing you with the most thorough understanding of successful option investing possible. 

The biggest names in the business seek out market views of Bernie and his team of experts. They are regularly quoted in The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesBusinessWeekInvestor's Business Daily, and USA Today and also appear on national financial broadcasts like CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg Television, Fox News Channel, and the Nightly Business Report. 

Now you can have Bernie and his team’s sought-after expertise sent directly to you. Commentary, analysis, and specific option recommendations are the highlights of this monthly publication. You’ll also see full explanations of the thinking that goes into each and every trade recommendation. 

Get Option Advisor, the nation’s leading options newsletter, now!


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