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Weekend Trader Alert

Spending 7 minutes each Sunday could help you target potential +100% gains!  Weekly trades includes target objective and time stop.  This could be the most profitable 7 minutes of your week.
  • Weekly trades at 7 pm ET on Sunday
  • Straight purchases of calls and puts
  • Target gains of 100% per trade

Can You Spare 7 Minutes on Sunday?


If you could use some extra cash on the side, but you have no desire to work a second job, launch an Internet business or engage in some crazy “work from home” scheme, this could be one of the most important messages you’ll ever read.

The key to successful investing with options is to reduce risk from the outset and to know when to exit positions in order to reduce losses or to protect gains. That’s where our Weekend Trader Series comes in.

Our Weekend Trader Series uses a simple strategy that lets us target trades with the potential of 100% gains on each recommendation.

And all it takes is seven minutes on Sunday night. And you can do it in the comfort of your own home. We’ll give you everything you need to place each trade, including a recommendation, the ticker symbol of the stock, complete exit parameters and trade drivers.

We call it the Weekend Trader Series because all it takes is seven minutes on the weekend, and you’ve got everything you need to set yourself up to double your money just a few days or weeks later.

What you get with your Weekend Trader Series subscription:

•    1-2 weekly trades targeting 100% potential gains: Our team will be scouring the market looking for the best option trading opportunities to email you each Sunday at 7 pm ET.
•    Each trade will be a straight call or put purchase.
•    You’ll get everything you need to trade: Profit objective and time stop will accompany each trade. You can set up your open and closeout right away, and then rest easy.
•    Cheap option premiums: Most recommended options will cost less than $20 per option; many will be under $5. It won’t cost much to get into these hot trades.
•    Short holding periods: You’ll typically hold open positions from about one to four months, so your money isn’t tied up for long periods of time.

•    Free online trading handbook: Provides everything you need to successfully trade Schaeffer’s Weekend Trader Series, including our specific money management guidelines.

Subscriber Reviews

“Trying new strategies, with the help of Bernie's many services, has been educational and enjoyable for me, a long-time options trader myself. The support I receive when needed is truly coming from professional folks in their field.”

- Douglas M.

The Most Profitable 7 Minutes of Your Week  

As a Weekend Trader, we will email you hot option trades with money-doubling potential every Sunday night at 7 pm ET. All you have to do is forward the instructions to your broker or enter the trades online with the provided closeout instructions. 

Those instructions will tell you exactly why we feel these trades could deliver profits of 100% or more, including charts and graphs to help paint the complete picture for you.

Every recommendation also contains specific exit parameters. So, as soon as your position hits the trigger, you can automatically exit the trade even if you are nowhere near your computer. It’s that easy!

Everything about our Weekend Trader Series is designed to make trading options simple for you.
And you can do it all in just seven minutes or less on Sunday night.


Target big profits the easy way with Schaeffer’s Weekend Trader Series!



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